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Behavioral Health Resources

Providence Health Plan members have options when it comes to getting behavioral health care.

We know behavioral health care isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We’re all unique, and our journey and needs vary depending on our personal situation. At Providence, that lens drives us when looking at the mix of services and programs we offer as part of your health plan coverage. Whether you’re looking for some support to relax, ready to try self-directed therapy that helps you to engage when you feel like it, or looking for immediate connection to a provider – via text, voice, video, or face to face – we have many options to fit your needs. See what options are available through your plan below:

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Explore the many Behavioral Health Resources available through our health plans

Resources for Improved Well-Being

Explore resources to improve your overall well-being

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Self-Management and Mindfulness Tools

Check out our helpful tools to manage your mental health on your own terms

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Telehealth/Virtual Care

Access care from home with our telehealth and virtual care options

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Broad Provider Network

Find a provider that fits your needs, through a broad and specialized network

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Care Management & Crisis Support

Need care now? Learn more here

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Suicide & Crisis Lifeline - 988

If you or a loved one are experiencing a behavioral health crisis and are in need of immediate help, call or text 988. It’s free, confidential and available 24/7 across the United States.

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Resources for Improved Well-Being

Improving your well-being is such an important part of staying at your happiest and healthiest. When you take care of yourself, it helps your body and mind work better. That’s why we’ve partnered with LifeBalance, to give you and your family access to all different kinds of discounts.

  • LifeBalance - Resources to Relax & Recharge

    LifeBalance gives you and your family discounts on the things you love to do, like seeing a movie or taking a vacation. Stay active, reduce stress, and save on thousands of recreational, cultural, well-being, and travel related purchases.

    • Savings on massage therapy, yoga, meditation, and more
    • Discounts available for everyone, regardless of age, income, ability or interests
    • Call 888-754-5433 for more information


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Self-Management and Mindfulness Tools

We understand that taking care of your mental health at your own pace is an important part of feeling good. Our plans offer a range of tools that fit your needs. Whether you need to talk to a behavioral health clinician directly or want tips on how to reduce your stress, we’ve got you covered.

  • Learn to Live – Self-Guided Virtual Therapy

    Learn to Live provides self-guided mental health programs that are backed by one-on-one support from professional coaching. They’re proven to help people overcome many significant conditions such as depression, social anxiety, and insomnia. You work at a pace that fits your lifestyle, and you also have access to seek help and encouragement from coaches when you want it.

    • Self-directed virtual therapy to manage mental well-being
    • Access to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help transform your thoughts to better your mental health
    • One-on-one coaching, mindfulness exercises, and live and on-demand webinars
    • Available at any time within the app


    Access code required and varies depending on plan type. Call Customer service at 503-574-7500 or 800-878-4445 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday, to get your code.

    Learn to Live Flyer

    Not available to Medicaid and Medicare members

  • Stress Management Health Coaching

    Whether you’d like to increase your activity level, reduce stress, improve your eating habits, lose weight, quit tobacco, or just feel better, a Providence Health Coach can help. We’re here to remove barriers, motivate you when you need a nudge, and be a resource on your journey.


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Telehealth/Virtual Care

Telehealth and virtual care offer convenient and affordable options for people seeking behavioral health treatment, improving access to mental health resources, and providing a comfortable and private setting for treatment. Explore options available to you below.

  • Behavioral Health Concierge – Virtual Care Options

    The Behavioral Health Concierge is a virtual care option to help you and your family with life stressors, mental health challenges, or addiction issues. Our Providence licensed behavioral health clinicians are here to offer confidential counseling, care guidance and access to self-help resources.

    • Quick access to direct care with Providence licensed behavioral health clinicians
    • Available to members and dependents in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, California, and Texas
    • Call 877-744-WELL (877-744-9355) to schedule an appointment
    • Extended hours 7 a.m. - 8 p.m., seven days week
    • Submit an appointment request directly at


    Behavioral Health Concierge Flyer – English

    Behavioral Health Concierge Flyer – Spanish

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    Not available to Medicaid and Medicare members

  • Talkspace – Virtual Therapy Service

    Talkspace is a virtual therapy service that provides personal behavioral health and emotional wellness support through online counseling and therapy. Choose how and when you communicate with a counselor through text, voice, or video messages that can be sent anytime, anywhere.

    • Telehealth provider of virtual psychotherapy for teens (13+) and adults
    • Be matched to a provider within 48 hours
    • Connect through text, call, or live video
    • Access to therapy, psychiatry,* or both


    *Psychiatrists have the ability to prescribe medication

    Talkspace Flyer – English

    Talkspace Flyer – Spanish

    Not available to Medicaid, Medicare, and Providence St. Joseph Health Caregivers members

  • Equip – Virtual Eating Disorder Treatment

    Equip is a virtual network of trained professionals who evaluate and treat a wide range of eating disorders, as well as co-occurring conditions like anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

    • Virtual, eating disorder treatment
    • Kids and young adults ages 6 and up
    • Family-Based Treatment (FBT) matched with a multi-disciplinary team
    • Call 855-387-4378 for more information


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    Not available to Medicaid and Medicare members

  • Charlie Health – Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (vIOP)

    Charlie Health is a comprehensive virtual intensive outpatient program, focused on teens and young adults, that offers treatment options from home. Treatment programs combine personalized care with peer connection to foster long-term healing.

    • Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (vIOP)
    • Teens and young adults ages 11-30
    • Personalized treatment plans, including group and family / individual therapy
    • Call 866-540-1828 for more information


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    Not available to Medicaid and Medicare members

Broad Provider Network

Through your Providence Health Plan you have access to a broad behavioral health network and help in finding the right type of provider for your needs. This includes access to licensed clinicians including therapists, counselors, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists and psychiatrists who can provide ongoing care and support for a variety of behavioral health concerns. Support is here and available for you no matter your schedule, needs or where you are located, we’ve got you covered.

  • Behavioral Health Network

    Our extensive Behavioral Health Network offers support to people no matter where they live or work. You have access to professionals with different areas of expertise and prioritize your needs and preferences.

    • Local and nationwide access
    • In-person and virtual services
    • Age-specific care (kids, teens, adults)
    • Access to specialty behavioral health network
    • Need help finding a provider or getting in to see a specialist? Our Behavioral Health Hub team is here for you. Give us a call anytime at 800-878-4445 (TTY: 711)
  • Provider Directory

    Our Provider Directory gives you options to help you find the right fit. You can search for providers based on specific needs or identifiers like: race and ethnicity, personal identity, location, specialty, languages spoken and many more options.


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Care Management & Crisis Support

Providence Health Plan offers licensed clinicians and specialized behavioral health navigation to assist you in managing your needs. You have a personal Care Management advocate, who is available to help you understand how to manage your health and navigate the complex health care system to find the care you need. You also have access to crisis support in addition to 988, the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. This means that if you are experiencing a behavioral health crisis or suicidal thoughts, you can call us and we will help you get the care that you need. This support is available to all Providence Health Plan members at no cost, making it easier to get the help you need when you need it most.

  • National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline - 988
    Call or text the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline if you or someone you know needs immediate crisis care. This line provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the United States.

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  • Behavioral Health Hub

    A one-stop shop where members can find the support they need. When you call, you will be connected with a Behavioral Health Navigator who is trained in all levels of care, like identifying the type of support needed, helping find providers, and setting up appointments. With one call, you’ll get support from beginning to end.

    • Immediate access 24/7
    • Team trained in crisis triage care
    • Real time referrals
    • One of our support team members can help. Give us a call anytime. Our support team is available 24/7, everyday. 800-878-4445 (TTY: 711)
  • Urgent Care

    Urgent care is where you turn when you can’t wait for an appointment with your behavioral health provider. To find an urgent care clinic, login to and select “Find a Provider.” Then choose “Find a Service or Place; Urgent Care Clinic.”


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    Health and well-being go hand in hand. That's why we want to give you and your family access to discounts on more than 20,000 recreational, cultural and travel related businesses and activities.

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