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Building True Health, Together

We believe everyone deserves the absolute best care, no matter the circumstances.

For more than 160 years, our not-for-profit healthcare collective has set the health and well-being standard for our community. We continue to raise this standard every day, dutifully helping anyone in need — not only members.

We believe that health insurance is much more than a perk or a benefit. That’s why our health insurance goes beyond the numbers.

This commitment isn’t solely about treating sickness, it’s about investing in health. It takes a collective approach — Providence can leverage our own network of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and trusted provider partners, to deliver on the whole care picture — True Population Health. This means we intervene earlier, improve outcomes, lower costs, and better the health of our entire community. Because healthcare isn’t a commodity service, it’s a community pursuit.

We all deserve True Health.

Our Values

  1. Compassion

    Empathy matters. We serve humans, not faceless consumers, each of whom deserves our help and understanding.

  2. Dignity

    Treat all with respect. We recognize the inherent worth of every person, and work with clear purpose to put them on a path to wellness.

  3. Justice

    Fairness is human. We strive to remove the obstacles of oppression, treat all equitably, and provide access to healing in every way we can.

  4. Integrity

    Provide paths to True Health. Our primary purpose is to improve access to healthcare for all. We hold ourselves accountable to do the right things for the right reasons.

  5. Excellence

    Excellent care comes first. Convenience, speed, and cost are just a few of the pressures we feel in the consumer environment. While we must do our best to exceed these expectations, they must never hold precedence over the quality of service we provide.

We believe that the health of a community rests in the hearts, hands, and minds of its people. When we take care of each other, we tighten the bonds that connect and strengthen us all.

Our Vision

Champion the pursuit of human progress by improving the health of our community.

Our Mission

As an expression of God's healing love, witnessed through the ministry of Jesus, we are steadfast in serving all, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.

Humility, simplicity, charity. Above all, charity.

Emilie Gamilin

Black and white photo of Sisters of Providence, 1873

Our history

Through bravery, ingenuity, and faith, the Sisters of Providence built a network of hospitals, schools, orphanages, and shelters across the Pacific Northwest. For over 160 years, our community of caregivers has championed True Health as a human right. As we look forward to the future we hope to open the door of access to care more fully to our most underserved populations.

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Our leadership

Don Antonucci

Chief Executive Officer

Michael White


Aaron Bals

Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Brad Garrigues

Chief Sales Officer

Robert Gluckman

Chief Medical Officer

Nate Perrizo

Chief Information Officer

Dan Ryan

Chief Financial Officer

Caresse Sakagawa

Vice President of Product Development, Marketing & Providence MCO

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