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Primary Care

At Providence, nothing upholds our values of compassion, dignity, and excellence like our primary care.

Our doctors use their wealth of knowledge to build relationships with each patient and provide the high-quality care you and your loved ones deserve.

True Health

Your primary care physician plays an important role on your journey to True Health. Unlike specialists, your primary care doctor cares for you as a whole person, offering medical counseling, health monitoring, and day-to-day treatments.

Through annual check-ups, screenings, and physicals, they build a personal understanding of your specific medical record and conditions. They use this knowledge to collaborate with medical specialists and provide the precise treatments you need for your medical situations.

Affordable & accessible

We believe that quality care should be available to all. At Providence, you have access to primary doctors and caregivers who:

  • Offer screenings
  • Diagnose both mild and serious conditions
  • Help educate you on preventive care and management
  • Prescribe medication for symptom relief
  • Understand your personal medical situation
  • Can refer you to the right specialist, should you need it
  • Work hand-in-hand with our Care Management teams to draw on the wide integrated network of care professionals for your benefit

The cost of primary care

A visit to your primary care provider generally only costs the copay on your plan. Ancillary services, such as laboratory tests, may apply additional cost-shares.

Preventive healthcare

Primary care providers help educate you on preventive care and management. Preventive care allows you to detect potential health concerns early before a more serious health issue shows up. It’s much easier — and far less expensive — to address health problems now rather than to try to cure them once they occur. Learn more about how to make the most out or your preventive care options in our guide to preventive health care (PDF).

Find a primary care doctor or location

As a Providence Health Plan member, you have access to nearly 1 million in-network providers nationwide. Find a provider today that fits your health needs, close to your home.

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