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Healthy living starts here

Congratulations on taking the first step to leading a healthier life. No two journeys are the same, and we're committed to helping you become the healthiest version of yourself. Whether you want to keep up with your kids, drop a few pounds or get a good night's sleep (every night), we help you define and achieve your well-being goals. Our compassionate health coaches provide encouragement and accountability without judgment.

Lifestyle Resources and Tools

Healthy Bites Podcast

Join Providence’s professional health coaches along an informative journey to help you move more, identify smart ways to lose or manage weight and navigate the latest information on health and well-being trends. You’ll get practical advice that will empower you to create sustainable lifestyle changes. These small bite podcasts are about 20 minutes - perfect for your commute or neighborhood walk.

  • Episode: Creating a Wellness Vision

    Thinking about making some changes? Maybe you have decided that it is time for you to do something different, but you are not sure where to begin? In this podcast Will and Colleen discuss:

    • Creating a wellness vision to enhance motivation 
    • Overcoming ambivalence 
    • Setting effective goals

    Listen: 16:43

  • Episode: Diet-based Culture

    Explore some modern social trends and movements regarding diet and how your current eating patterns may be influenced by them. In this podcast Will and Colleen discuss:

    • Diet culture
    • Body positivity movement 
    • Intuitive eating 
    • Self-efficiency strategies 

    Listen 17:44

  • Episode: Mindfulness and Self-Care

    Do you struggle to find the time for self-care? Or maybe you find self-care to feel selfish? In this podcast Will and Colleen discuss:

    • Barriers to self-care
    • Effective self-care and mindfulness practices 
    • Building resilience and improving self-care

    Listen 20:01

  • Episode: Plant-based Diets

    From vegan to flexitarian, there are many types of plant-based diets. In this podcast Will and Colleen discuss:

    • Plant-based nutrition basics 
    • Benefits of plant-based nutrition
    • Nutritional considerations with plant-based nutrition

    Listen 19:45

  • Episode: Successful Home Exercise

    Having a consistent exercise routine can be challenging. Learn how to build a successful home exercise space and routine. In this podcast Will and Colleen will discuss:

    • Principles of exercise
    • Creating a successful home exercise environment
    • Staying Motivated
    • Tips on exercise equipment and resources

    Listen 25:26

  • Episode: Sleep

    Getting enough sleep is invaluable to your total health and wellbeing. Even if you're getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night, your sleep quality can be disrupted by various factors, and can affect your mood and energy during the day.

    This podcast will discuss:

    • What sleep does for the body
    • Why we get sleepy
    • Factors of poor quality sleep
    • How to improve sleep quality

    Listen 20:30

  • Episode: Surviving the Holiday Season

    The holiday season presents an assortment of demands: shopping, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining, to name a few. Pandemic-induced stress and anxiety only add to the mix, meaning your holiday plans probably look and feel much different this year. This month, Will and Colleen sit down with Dr. Miles Hassell from the Providence Comprehensive Risk Reduction Clinic and author of Good Food, Great Medicine to discuss tips and strategies to help turn this holiday season into an opportunity to improve your overall well-being.

    In this podcast, the Providence team will discuss:

    • Tips to include physical activity into your holiday schedule
    • Healthy food choices during social gatherings
    • Lifestyle choices to improve your immunity

    Listen 24:48

  • Episode: Keeping Your Heart Healthy featuring Dr. Jamie Beckerman

    Your diet and exercise habits are important to maintaining good heart health but they don't tell the whole story. In this episode Will and Colleen meet with Dr. Jamie Beckerman, cardiologist for the Providence Heart Institute and founding coach of the Heart to Start program, who shares his personal experiences, advice, and encouragement to help you live your healthiest life.

    Some themes of the discussion include:

    • Finding your personal motivation
    • The importance of social support
    • The power of habit
    • Down-to-earth tips to move more and eat better

    Listen 43:28

  • Episode: Finding Happiness in the Pandemic Age

    While the pursuit of happiness is a timeless theme, it is of special relevance today as our collective well-being is tested by a global pandemic. Although we found new ways to work, learn and socialize - a year of stress and uncertainty has no doubt taken a toll on our mental health. In this episode, health coach Will reflects on the contemporary psychology of happiness and shares some popular ways to boost happiness in an era of reduced social activity, mixed work and family domains and way too much screen time.

    Some themes of the discussion include:

    • When the pursuit of happiness backfires
    • You have problems - and that’s a good thing
    • The need for better leisure time
    • Cultivate optimism - but also a little defensive pessimism

    Listen 20:12

  • Episode: How to Stop Sugar Addiction

    Consider this: consuming excess sugar is not self-sabotage, nor is it inherently bad. Addiction is vastly misunderstood and at its core is simply a person’s attempt to cope and regulate their nervous system; to feel calm, safe, or secure. In this episode of Health Bites, Colleen discusses the hidden truths behind sugar addiction. Topics include:

    • Factors that contribute to a sugar addiction
    • How sugar impacts the brain, nervous system, and gut
    • Practical tips to improve your relationship with sugar
    • Strategies to break sugar addition

    Listen 33:31

  • Episode: Resuming Exercise After a Lapse/Returning to the Office

    Sticking with an exercise routine is hard. Amid the myriad challenges and demands of life, experiencing a lapse in our exercise routine is considered normal and even inevitable. In this episode, Will interviews Orangetheory Fitness head coach Craig Halaas on the best ways to recover from such a lapse, as well as how to keep exercise on track during a transition back to working at the office.

    Key topics of this episode include:

    • Finding motivation – what’s your “why"?
    • Creating conditions for success
    • Building a progressive and sustainable program
    • Allowing time for rest & recovery

    Listen 23:36

  • Episode: Family Health and wellness

    In this episode of Healthy Bites, Health Coach Will Bruce talks with Jennifer Lundman from FIT Foundations about the importance of family systems in promoting healthy habits, as well as some activities and tools for promoting family health and wellness.

    Key topics of this episode include:

    • Individual wellness is not an individual undertaking
    • The power in setting shared family goals
    • The Wellness Wheel and twelve dimensions of health

    Listen 23:32

  • Episode: Mesonutrients

    Superfoods are considered to be nutrient powerhouses that provide large quantities of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Mesonutrients are the active compounds found inside superfoods such as tomatoes, blueberries, green tea, and saffron – to name a few – that provide the rich antioxidants our bodies need to function properly. In this episode, Colleen, PHP Health and Wellbeing Coach, explores the health benefits of five mesonutrients and their role in protecting our DNA, fighting free radical damage, and reducing our overall disease risk.

    Listen 19:20

  • Episode: The Dark Side of Wellness Culture

    The Wellness culture movement can have a dark side, as proponents often endorse the idea that certain health conditions are less than and in need of a cure in order to be accepted by society. We live in a society that is obsessed with the idea of wholeness, perfection and getting into a body that walks around “normal” and well, but what if this standard is actually unattainable and cultivating more harm than good? Today’s discussion is about the dangerous side of wellness culture, and how we can move toward a more inclusive and expansive version of wellness.

    Listen 20:45

  • Episode: Sweet Victory - Winning the Battle Against Diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes affects millions of people worldwide. In this episode, Will and Colleen talk with Dr. Ruben Halperin, MD who shares his extensive knowledge about this pervasive condition.

    Topics include:

    • Defining prediabetes and diabetes accurately
    • The latest generation of diabetes medications
    • The effects of artificial sweeteners, stress, sleep and suburbanization
    • Lifestyle habits for diabetes prevention
    • The role of technology in managing and preventing diabetes

    Listen 39:05

  • Episode: The Biochemistry of Motivation

    Ever wonder how some people seem hardwired for high motivation, while others struggle to stay focused? Join us for the first of a two-part series on the science of motivation, focus, and drive. Will and Colleen sit down with Dr. Ruben Halperin, MD to explore the often overlooked physiological factors which shape our mental states. Learn about the role of dopamine as well as some actionable diet, exercise, and sleep interventions to supercharge your motivation.

    Listen 01:13:15

  • Episode: Training Motivation, Focus, and Drive

    Ready to sharpen your mental edge? Dive into part two of our enlightening series on motivation, focus, and drive. In this episode, Will, Colleen, and Dr. Ruben Halperin discuss practical ways to train these important elements of human performance. Learn how challenging mental tasks can prime your brain for success, and why a digital detox may be the breakthrough you need. We'll also discuss the transformative powers of mindfulness, meditation, and effective goal setting.

    Listen 57:32

Wellness Workshops

Our recorded webinars feature professional health and wellness practitioners and explore a variety of topics to help you gain the tools and insights you need to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Check out our webinar library to explore the latest wellness topics and trends.

  • Workshop 1: Mindful Eating

    During this webinar Colleen Kuhn, Registered Dietitian, will discuss mindful eating and will provide a demonstration of a detox, heart healthy salad.

    Watch: 70 Minutes

  • Workshop 2: Nutrition, Brain Health & Immunity

    During this session Colleen Kuhn, Registered Dietitian, will discuss immunity and brain boosting foods and will provide a demonstration of a brain-powered, anti-stress smoothie.

    Watch: 54 Minutes

  • Workshop 3: Meal Planning

    During this webinar, Colleen Kuhn, Registered Dietitian, will discuss planning meals that keep us connected and will provide a demonstration of a plant-powered burrito bowl.

    Watch: 46 Minutes

  • Workshop 4: Break Your Sugar Addiction

    During this webinar, Colleen Kuhn, Registered Dietitian, will discuss the hidden truths behind sugar addiction and learn practical tips and strategies to improve your relationship with sugar.

    Watch: 71 Minutes

  • Workshop 5: Everyday Nutrition

    Getting the basics down for proper nutrition can lead to positive changes in your everyday life. Nutrition is an essential part of establishing a current and future state of wellness. However, confusion on what to eat can become quite a dilemma when completing routine activities like creating a grocery list or dining out. How do we pick the most nutrient-packed options? Starting at the beginning provides a perfect opportunity to build a solid foundation in choosing the right daily nutrition options.

    Watch: 60 Minutes

  • Workshop 6: Internal Family Systems: Finding Food Freedom

    We all have contradicting thoughts with respect to food that lead to behaviors that may be inconsistent with our own interests. Contradicting ourselves is normal. Believe it or not, we all have multiple personalities or multiple parts to us. Using Internal Family Systems (IFS) we can get to know the parts that are preventing us from healing our relationship with food, and get to know the wound that is keeping us from living our authentic self.

    Key components of this webinar include:

    • Learn why & which parts keep us stuck in our relationship with food
    • Discover how to relieve ourselves of those parts
    • Understand how to integrate them to finally find food freedom

    Watch: 73 Minutes

  • Workshop 7: Plant-based Eating for Blood Sugar Control

    Plant-based eating is all the rage and certainly growing in popularity - but is this trend actually healthy? In this presentation we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of following a plant-based and plant-forward diet (which allows for a small amount of animal protein), as well as the impacts of whole foods on insulin resistance. Done correctly, a whole food, plant-based diet can provide significant benefits such as diabetes prevention and management.

    Watch: 71 Minutes

  • Workshop 8: Weight Management Roundtable

    Managing weight is complex and goes beyond diet and exercise. Weight is influenced by many factors including physical, emotional, environmental, and social components. There is no one size fits all approach to weight management; rather, it requires an individualized approach that embraces the whole person.

    During this webinar, four Providence weight management professionals will:

    • Share up to date and scientifically based advice for taking an individualized approach to weight loss
    • Offer realistic recommendations and strategies for success in reaching your weight management goals
    • Provide information on resources available to support your weight loss journey

    Watch: 74 Minutes

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