You’re covered when you travel outside the U.S.

Explore the following topics for answers to frequently asked questions about your benefits abroad.

  • What are my health plan benefits when I travel outside of the US

    PEBB Statewide plan covers medically necessary services at the in-network benefit level when you and/or your covered dependents are outside of the United States.

  • How can I make sure I have the medications I need while on my trip

    The following will help you prepare for travel:

    • Fill your maintenance medications. Allow at least 21 days to fill these prescriptions through a mail-order pharmacy or fill up to a 90-day supply at a preferred retail pharmacy.
    • If you’re going to be out of the country for more than 90 days, please contact Providence customer service for extended request assistance.
    • Keep prescriptions in their original containers with their original label.
    • Take a copy of your prescription in case medications are lost or stolen.
  • What if I need to get a prescription filled while I'm in another country?

    When filling a prescription outside the U.S., you will need to pay the pharmacy directly and submit a claim request (PDF) to Providence Health Plan for reimbursement. If you are taking a maintenance drug, you may be able to avoid this process by arranging to have your medications filled through a mail-order service or requesting an extended supply via Providence Health Plan. If you are on sabbatical or extended training that takes you outside the country for more than 90 days, contact Providence customer service to request extended supplies.

  • I rely on durable medical equipment to manage my health condition. What should I consider before I travel?

    Know the airlines’ travel guideline associated with durable medical equipment.

  • Is there contact information I should take with me?

    Have the following numbers on hand when you travel:

    • Providence customer service: 800-878-4445
    • Providence Resource Line: 800-562-8964
    • ProvRN: 800-700-0481 (ProvRN is an advice line staffed by registered nurses 24/7/365; the telephone number is on your member ID card.)
  • What documents will I need if I receive health care services outside the U.S.?

    You will need your member ID card. You may also need an International Claim Form.

  • How will I find a hospital or emergency room if I need one when I'm outside the U.S.?

    If it’s an emergency, that is you’re suffering from a life-threatening injury or illness, or a condition that would place your health in serious jeopardy, call the country’s emergency number. For instance, in the U.S. the emergency number is 9-1-1. In most European countries, the emergency number is 1-1-2. You can also call ProvRN – available 24/7 – to help navigate your health need.

  • How do I access medically necessary urgent care services

    Call Providence customer service at 800-878-4445. A representative will help locate a provider.

  • How are claims for health care services received outside of the U.S. paid?

    How claims are paid depends on the provider. Some international providers submit a claim for health care services to Providence Health Plan on your behalf. In some cases, however, you may be required to pay for services when you receive care and file an International Claim Form with the plan.

  • How do I get reimbursed if I'm required to pay for services at the time I receive care?

    Follow these steps to get reimbursed:

    • We encourage you to call customer service about international travel health care services before you travel. This will streamline our efforts to assist you with any claims you may need to make while you’re out of the country.
    • If you receive health care, request an itemized bill for the services you receive. If the bill is in a foreign language, please request that it be translated into English.
    • Use this information to complete the International Claim Form.
    • Ask the provider to complete the Health Care Provider section on the form.
    • Submit your itemized bill, proof of payment and a completed International Claim Form to Providence Health Plan. Be sure to include your group and member ID numbers, both of which are located on your member ID card.
    • Please note: Claims must be submitted within one year from the date of service.
  • What should I include on the itemized bill?

    Itemized bills must include:

    • Date of service
    • Name, address, tax identification number, and address of the physician or other medical provider who provided the service
    • Diagnosis and procedure code(s)
    • Amount charged for each service
  • Where can I get additional information about benefits when I travel outside the US

    Please refer to the International Claim Form for more information or contact Providence Health Plan customer service at 800-878-4445.

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