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Find your True Health —and save —with the HEM

Participating in the HEM?

Congratulations on your decision to participate in the health engagement model (HEM). The HEM is not just about controlling costs — it’s also about providing you with helpful information to assist you while you reach your True Health goals.

Success in the HEM

If you’ve already signed up for HEM, all you need to do is:

  • Complete the personal health assessment (available in myProvidence) between September 1 and October 31. You will need to take it again if you completed it outside of this timeframe.
  • Complete two health actions before next year’s open enrollment. Health actions are nearly limitless. 

Here’s a few ideas of what you can do:

Program Overview & Eligibility

Getting started with myProvidence & the Personal Health Assessment

Taking the PHA

  • What is the personal health assessment?

    A. The personal health assessment is a confidential online health questionnaire. You answer questions about your health and lifestyle. After you complete the assessment, you'll receive a summary of your health status. You’ll also receive a personal action plan for maintaining or improving your health and minimizing any potential health concerns.

  • How long does it take to complete the health assessment?

    A. Approximately 15 minutes. You can take it all at once, or you can save your answers in progress and return to the assessment at a later time. Just be sure to click "Next" after answering questions in Section 11 – the Biometrics page. After selecting Next on this page, you’ll be taken to the PHA certificate of completion. Print your completion certificate for your records.

  • Is the personal health assessment available in Spanish?

    A. Yes; you can choose Spanish from the language preferences section in Wellness Central. Here’s how: Log into myProvidence. Access Wellness Central. Click on the Preferences tab in the top navigation. Under the Profile tab, choose language from the drop down menu, then click Save.

  • How can I tell if I completed the personal health assessment?

    A. Log in to myProvidence. If the personal health assessment banner is green, you have not completed the personal health assessment. If the banner is purple, you have successfully completed the assessment. It is a good idea to double-check and print your completion certificate for your records by October 31.

  • How do I print my completion certificate after I've completed the personal health assessment?

    A. Log in to myProvidence. On the purple banner, select the “View Now” button. You’ll be taken to the first (i.e., "Get started") page of the personal health assessment where you'll need to respond to two items and click "Take PHA." Click "Continue" on the Welcome page. Click the “Jump to Section” drop down menu and select the Personal Health Assessment report from the list. On the right side of your screen, select the “Certificate of Completion” from the drop down listing in the “View and Print” options section and then click on the “View/Print” button.

  • Can I change my responses after I complete my personal health assessment?

    A. Yes. You can update your answers at any time. This will not affect your completion status. In the reporting area, you’ll see the additional dates that you accessed the assessment.


  • What is Providence Health Plan's role in the HEM?

    A. Providence partners with PEBB to provide wellness tools, educational resources and support for HEM participants.

  • Does anyone see my personal health assessment answers?

    A. That’s up to you. Individual results are for your information only unless you decide to share them. When taking the assessment, you will answer a question about whether you would like to share your information with your provider or a Providence representative (e.g., a Providence Health Plan nurse care manager or a health coach). If you choose to share your information, you may be contacted. If you answer no, neither Providence Health Plan nor your provider will receive health information that identifies you. Neither PEBB nor your employer ever sees identifiable, individual results. Please note: Providence care managers sometimes contact members as a result of claim information; these calls are not connected to the personal health assessment.

  • What does PEBB receive from my participation in the personal health assessment?

    A. During the campaign, PEBB will receive a list that includes your name and completion date to confirm your participation. PEBB never sees identifiable, individual results. Once the campaign ends PEBB receives a de-identified aggregate report from Providence Health Plan. The report includes the results of everyone together, with no identification of individuals by name or answers. The report includes collective information about the overall health of PEBB's total population.

  • What if I participate in the HEM but my health status doesn’t change? Does PEBB – or any future employers – penalize me or deny my medical coverage?

    A. No. You will not be penalized nor will you lose coverage if your health doesn't change.

    NOTE: The goal of the HEM is to help you learn about your health and, hopefully, become healthier. We encourage you to commit to your health: understand it, set goals to improve it and take action. We all benefit with a healthier PEBB population.

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