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Workplace well-being resources & toolkits

Workplace well-being program are focused on promoting healthy habits to improve the overall physical and emotional health of your employees. As health care costs continue to rise, workforce wellness is becoming more necessity - than luxury. Sometimes promoting a healthy lifestyle is as simple as building awareness to existing resources. Once employees know what services and tools are available, they can make good decisions to support their health and well-being.

  • Getting started with Workplace Wellness

    Employees spend much of their time at work, making it a great place to promote healthy habits. As an employer, you can have a positive influence by creating a workplace that fosters and supports well-being. An effective wellness program can facilitate a cultural change that reaps longer-term benefits at your workplace and ultimately impacts your bottom line. We've developed this toolkit to help you identify your organization’s interests and needs, design impactful initiatives, engage your employees and evaluate your workplace wellness program.

  • Workplace wellness calendar

    Monthly health campaigns to empower your employees.

    It’s important to prioritize workplace well-being now more than ever. Help keep your employees happy, healthy and productive by encouraging whole-person care throughout the year.

    Download our employee well-being calendar (PDF) and employer guide (PDF) to access:

    • 12-months of tips and information focused on relevant well-being topics that encourage employees to adopt healthy habits
    • Ideas and resources to help you plan and implement activities throughout the year

    If you would like to receive the employee calendar as individual months, email us at

    Well-being trends

    Read our insights on emerging trends and effective well-being initiatives that you can implement to support your employees in achieving true health. Download our guide to this year’s well-being trends (PDF).

  • Mental well-being resources

    Cultivate an inclusive culture free from mental health stigma

    Did you know in 1 in 5 adults in America experience mental illness, but less than half get treatment? This is a stat prior to COVID-19. The reality is that everyone can benefit from behavioral health support, and there is continued opportunity for employers to prioritize workforce mental well-being.

    Download our employer strategies and member resources to access:

    • Actionable strategies for prioritizing employee mental well-being
    • Resources to help your employees get the support they need to feel their best
    • Practical techniques for keeping stress in check
  • Flu prevention

    Flu prevention is more important than ever this season. Help keep your employees protected and productive by implementing smart strategies in the workplace.

    Download our flu prevention toolkit (PDF) to access:

    • Tips for planning successful flu prevention initiatives
    • Ideas for supporting flu prevention in the workplace
    • Resources for hosting an onsite flu shot clinic
    • Communication templates that encourage employees to get their flu shot

    On-site flu shot clinics

    Keep your employees healthy during flu season with free flu vaccines available to Providence Health Plan members.

    Members must present their member ID card at the time of service. If you don’t offer on-site flu shots, encourage employees to get one with their provider or at a participating pharmacy.

    Schedule an on-site flu shot clinic by contacting one of the organizations below, or search our provider directory for participating pharmacies.

    Albertsons Flu Clinic Team

    Contact the flu clinic team by email or 503-305-9751. Minimum participation is 25 participants. Accommodations may be available for fewer than 25 participants; call for details.


    Contact Warren Wong by email or 425-427-3870. Minimum of 100 participants.

    Fred Meyer

    Contact the Clinical Services Team by email.

    Contact Hassan by email or 503-258-9800.

    Credena Health pharmacies

    Contact Dina Mehdi by email or 503-216-9020. Minimum participation is 25 participants.

    LabCorp Employer Services

    Contact Joe Holloran by email or 314-914-1327. Minimum of 30 participants per event.

    Safeway Flu Clinic Team

    Contact the flu clinic team by email or 503-305-9751. Minimum participation is 25 participants. Accommodations may be available for fewer than 25 participants; call for details.


    Request a flu clinic by going to → Click Find Care → Click Flu Shots & Immunizations → Click Workplace Flu Shots & Vaccinations. Minimum participation is 25.

    • Walgreens will be responsible for all staffing and vaccination supplies for the event.
    • Two-week lead time is requested to set up the event.
    • Contact Denise Padilla by email or call 971-230-0555, ext. 222 for any questions.

    Wellness 2000 Inc.

    Contact Victoria Crane-Walker, Flu Shot Coordinator by email.


    If you have questions, please call the pharmacy contacts listed above or your Providence Health Plan account manager at 877-245-4077.

  • Tobacco Free resources
    • How to Take Your Business Tobacco-Free (PDF) – Ready to take your business or organization tobacco-free? This comprehensive toolkit is designed to create a healthier workforce while improving your bottom line. From initial planning to evaluation, this resource provides turnkey resources such as sample checklists, timelines, policies and communication plans every step of the way.
    • Quit tobacco flier (PDF) – Let your staff know that they don’t have to go it alone. When they’re ready to quit, we’re here to help
    • Health coaching – we’ve got several options to help employees quit for good.
  • Primary Care Provider toolkit

    Research continues to demonstrate that employee health and well-being is good for business. A healthy workforce can mean fewer sick days, lower medical claims and increased productivity. Like a trusted auto mechanic, a primary care provider plays a critical part in making sure you and your employees run smoothly. To that end, we’ve developed this toolkit as a means to help you connect your employees with a primary care provider. Inside you will find resources such as sample email templates, and promotional materials such as flyers and infographics, to distribute among your workforce.

  • Health Coaching toolkit

    Staying committed to health and well-being isn’t always easy. Sometimes your employees need a little support – a Providence health coach can help set personal goals, offer motivation when they need a nudge, help remove barriers and hold employees accountable for their wellness goals. This toolkit is designed to help you communicate the Providence Health Coaching Program to your workforce. You’ll learn about the importance of health coaching and our program offerings, as well as communication pieces to support a wellness campaign.

  • Health Fair Planning toolkit

    Most employees spend one-third of their day at the workplace. Employers have the opportunity to make a difference in their health by providing programs, policies, benefits and environmental supports that promote well-being. A health fair is a great way to launch new wellness initiatives, share health education information, conduct preventive screenings and immunizations, raise awareness of health risks, demonstrate healthy habits and promote organizational benefits and community resources. We've developed this toolkit to help you with planning, hosting and evaluating the success of your health fair.

  • Well-being Workshops

    Our health and well-being team is available for interactive well-being presentations on a variety of topics – from everyday nutrition to happiness to sleep – we have something for every organization. The presentations are led by one of our certified health coaches, who are credentialed health care professionals. Our workshops are available as live virtual sessions, or they can be viewed as on-demand classes. Workshops range in time from 15 minutes to 1 hour, allowing you to offer them as quick breaks or longer lunch and learns. We’ll also work with you to develop a flyer to help you promote the event to your unique population.

    Workshop overview PDF
  • Health Management Consulting

    Health is not a one-size-fits-all model. That’s why our health management consultants collaborate with you to execute a wellness program tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. This is a free service available to groups with more than 50 employees. We start by working with you to complete an organizational assessment, which includes; identifying your needs, understanding your options, engaging your employees and evaluating program outcomes. Using best practices, we determine the most effective strategy to design your wellness program and provide you with customized solutions, communication materials and recommendations for keeping employees motivated.

    To get started, call 877-245-4077 and speak with a health management consultant or account manager or download our Health Management Consulting Services flyer to learn more.

  • Health and well-being resource guide

    Providence is committed to supporting employers who invest in the health and well-being of their employees. Whether you're looking for an economical, turnkey program or you want to sponsor a robust campaign with dedicated resources, we can help.

    Employer Well-being Resource Guide PDF Member Well-being Resource Guide PDF
  • Healthy Bites Podcast

    Join Providence’s professional health coaches along an informative journey to help you move more, identify smart ways to lose or manage weight and navigate the latest information on health and well-being trends. You’ll get practical advice that will empower you to create sustainable lifestyle changes. These small bite podcasts are about 20 minutes - perfect for your commute or neighborhood walk.

    Healthy Bites Podcast